Zone Out Demo 2015

by Zone Out

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released November 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Zone Out Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Alien Boy
First born in space we found this place then lost each other
We can not fight projected light shot upside down through both our eyes

You know my name don't you? We will not fight projected light.
I will not fight projected light shot upside down through both our eyes.
First born in space, you know my name baby.
We can not fight projected light.
Both born in flames, i know that face i swear it.
Now were both here fighting the fear lets clear it.

Do you think its weird that were both here?
i've lost my taste for this forced fate.
Track Name: Brain Wreck
I think I wrecked my brain
I can't take this thing anywhere
its beat up, broke down and i can't feel my mouth
I think i did something, i just can't find the memories
They're hidden and secret behind this wall of shame

And if you can't stand my face i won't hold it against you
because these days i can't stand it too
Track Name: Buffalo Boy
Your face dont look like all the other ones
At first I took you for an easy out
but now i know that you're someone who matters
My throat will close I'll just pretend its laughter

You say lets take a drive up the coast
I'll laugh out loud at the undertow
I'm not so bad at this taking thing
You're right on track so I'll start running

Buffalo boy can you believe it
Just so you know this fear it does run deep
My hands are highways, what are yours?

So now what the fuck have i done?
Ive gone off track and rushed this one
These clouds don't look like anything
Gemini moon are you breathing?

I didn't think so
Track Name: Hollow
I feel the arrow land
I feel the light strike true
Don't let the light stay in, you'll start to heal when you push it through
A thousand fingers reach
Crawl like spiders under my skin
I'll sit in comfort knowing the knocks will stop when i let them in
Watching, waiting, wonder, nothing will pass under her.
The aim was true now I'll push it through

Waking up walking wander, torn apart ripped asunder
There is a way to greave that won't leave you hollow
If you swallow your throat, where will your tongue go?

Restless, sweating bad dreams, I lost so much searching for something
There is a healing in each second that slows us
If we tie our own hands, how will be hold up?
Track Name: Home
Mamma had a scar on her cheek from the Menthol in her mouth when she fell asleep
Mamma said to face your fears they will come true they can't crush you

The first time i saw you, you were asleep at Bo's house, I thought to myself,"How'd that bird hit the ground?"

Mamma had a pretty face cuz she'd stare down her fears and then would sleep for days
Mamma said to face your fears, they will come true, they can't crush you

You were wrapped up in blankets like an angels who'd fallen
I felt you calling me home so I came running
I felt you coming, said home so i came running
Track Name: The Light
Two little girls in the desert sharing the same sky.
You were on the east side while i was growing up on the wrong sides.

You got brown eyes like night skies, the nebula that earth calls home.
Your sleeping in on the left side while I keep waking up on the right side.

I have never seen the light and you say that its okay by you.
I have learned to read the signs.
And you swear that I'll do right by us.

Two little girls in the desert sharing the same sky.
You were on the east side while i kept growing up on the wrong sides.

Suns coming up slowly now.
Lights falling like raindrops on the Puget Sound.
Tight knuckles fist against the wheel.
Your hands feel rough, please tell me how mine feel.
Track Name: The Nothing
You sent me away
Lips parted gapped-tooth face
Deep water calms me
You eat my magic when you pray
Ill let go tonight
of worry wishing for your health
She'll shine her light
Please tell me you'll take care of yourself

Your face is wild and looks like nothing
Do you cry out into the nothing?